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“Grow Your Business”


June 2, 2018, 9am – 4pm

Regular Price $397

Location: Unity Spiritual Center
509 CR 468, Fruitland Park, FL


 Early Bird Special through May 2
Call 352-775-8742 Angela or Elin


What Stops You from Growing Your Business?

  • Do you want higher income?
  • Do you feel like you’re just not moving forward?
  • Are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone?
  • Do you want more free time?
  • Do you want more energy?

This interactive workshop is designed to build your self-worth, confidence and success through learning to live from your true source of power.

Join like-minded professionals & develop a clear concise 3-year vision of a life you would love to live.

This Interactive Workshop Includes:

  • Facilitation by Elin Mayer, award-winning Life Mastery Coach
  • Meeting materials/surprise afternoon activity
  • Laser-focus coaching & motivation
  • Success Tools to produce a three-year Business Vision and Blueprint that gets results!

Life & Business Mastery

Are you an entrepreneur whose dream is to build a business that “thrives” not “survives”?

Or are you a wishful entrepreneur with a great dream and idea and are visualizing a business of your own? Are you a professional trapped in a job or position and longs to be liberated from the “stuckness” but doesn’t know quite what direction to take?

You can have what you want – even you haven’t yet crystallized your vision!!  If you are ready to take action

take control of


Group & Individual Coaching

To transform your DREAMS…into REALITY

If you know deep down you want something more out of life… but don’t know where to begin… We have good news for you!! With either the group or individual Dream Building process, you can achieve anything you seriously want!!!

Transformational Workshops

Transformational “Jump-start Your Life” or “Jump-start Your Business” Workshops and Speeches.

Motivational Speaker

Ignite desire in your organization.  Move your employees and members from a mindset of impossible to possible.

Elin articulates the psychology of peak performance by leading her audience to internalize what they want to accomplish in life, and recognizing the path to get there.

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“Great course! Infinite possibilities! A must for anyone looking to grow personally and accomplish more than they ever thought possible. My time and investment in “We Rock Your Dream” is paying huge dividends in better health and decreased personal debt.” Jack Levine

Executive Vice-President, Sales

“My Dream Builder Coach Elin Mayer is one of my primary keys to success in my personal and professional development resource toolbox. My travel sales are greater than 300% higher than the same month prior year. My average travel sale has grown over 275% compared to average sale prior year. I have achieved a new high rank in the top 20 of over 4,000 travel consultants across North America with my travel agency. Thank you Elin for encouraging and supporting my success to reach higher and dream bigger!” Lisa Beyer

Luxury Cruise Specialist, Certified Travel Advisor

“You have helped bring motivation and excitement … which leaves (us) with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. You are what turns an ordinary event into something extraordinary” Russ Hall

Corporate Owner & CEO

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